About the guest house "Sosnovy Dvor" in Divnomorskoye village

Good afternoon, dear guests. We are pleased to inform you that the guest house is open all year round. We suggest that you register on the website. After registration, you become a member of the loyalty program and immediately receive a discount on accommodation. More bookings means more discount on the next bookings. For subsequent bookings, your contact details will be filled in automatically. For bookings of 10 days or more, a 5% discount. Our guest house "Sosnovy Dvor" is located 400 meters from the center, 650 meters from the beach, close to large shops and catering facilities. At the same time, away from the noisy streets. This creates excellent conditions for a quiet and relaxing holiday. A stadium with a football pitch is 1 km away. Guests have access to a 5-bed SPA pool, a shared equipped kitchen with all amenities. Barbecue, with the possibility of self-cooking a variety of food on the fire. The courtyard of the guest house is covered with a tent made of branches of the Pitsunda pine, which creates a unique microclimate and wellness effect, saves from the summer heat.

Terms of stay

These rules of accommodation at the guest house are general and may vary depending on the type of room. Please check the description of your room. For your safety, video surveillance is conducted on the territory.

Check-in 3:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM
Booking cancellation

The guest can cancel the reservation free of charge according to the rate at which he made the reservation. Carefully read the rules for free cancellation of the reservation when you make an order on the guest house's website. Upon check-in, a deposit of 5,000 rubles (refundable money) is withheld.


Children under the age of 14 will be able to stay at the hotel without their parents only if they have a notarized power of attorney from their parents to the accompanying person. If the child is traveling with mom or dad, of course, a power of attorney is not needed.


It is allowed to stay with dogs up to 8-10 kg., in agreement with the administration. The cost of living with an animal: 1000 rubles per day plus a deposit of 5000 rubles.


Smoking on the territory of the guest house in a designated area.

Rest and sleep time.

Dear guests, the time of silence on the territory of the Sosnovy Dvor guest house is from 23.00 to 08.00 the next day. When planning your leisure time, please treat your neighbors living on the territory of the guest house carefully and with understanding. Please note that children and the elderly can stay on the territory of the guest house, who also need rest during the daytime. Dear guests with children, if you are planning a vacation with children at a tender age, we ask you to take into account the peculiarities of recreation in the southern region: these are noisy companies, loud music both outside the guest house (neighboring accommodation facilities) and on our territory. We will not always be able to influence what is happening outside our territory.

Life situations

In case of conflicts with other guests, situations related to the state of your health and your loved ones, please contact the administration immediately in order to resolve them as soon as possible. If there are problems with plumbing equipment, household appliances, furniture, etc. in your room, we ask you to immediately inform the administration in order to eliminate them and call specialists in a timely manner. In high season, most highly specialized craftsmen are in demand and cannot always fix breakdowns on the day of application.

Сancellation policy

In order to avoid conflict situations and misunderstandings on your part, carefully read the cancellation policy when you make an order. The guest can cancel the stay at any time, after paying for the actual time of stay in the guest house. Upon check-in, a deposit amount of at least 5,000 rubles is withheld.